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I would like to learn more about RMK Consulting’s IT services for business in Central Texas.

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RMK Consulting has IT solutions designed to fit your business and your budget. Our clients throughout Central Texas enjoy the benefit of our fixed-cost, fully managed IT solutions that are provided by our local IT professionals.

What they appreciate the most is having a fixed-priced IT services program allowing for the control IT support costs, without the worry of runaway expenses.

With RMK Consulting as your IT team you can:

  • Put an end to your technology headaches. Our team of specialized and certified IT service professionals will deal with your technology issues from A to Z.
  • Enjoy predictable IT budgeting. Pay one flat rate for all your technology needs. Our services are designed to simplify your finances, not further complicate them.
  • Invest in your company’s future, with IT that pays for itself by increasing efficiency and productivity.

We serve businesses like yours in San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, Seguin, New Braunfels and many other locations across Central Texas.

RMK Consulting’s professional IT support is the answer you’ve been looking for. Engage with our team of technology professionals and sit back, relax, and leave your technology worries to us. All this, and without the worry about uncontrolled technology expense with our fixed-cost services.

Let us put an end to your technology worries. Call 512-761-7652 to book your no obligation and complimentary meeting with us today!

<span>SafeMode™</span> Managed Cloud Services

RMK Consulting offers a wide range of managed IT Services. You can start by outsourcing what makes the most sense for your organization and then grow with us as your needs grow.

<span>SafeMode™</span> IT Services

RMK Consulting provides solutions for all your computer and networking needs. Our skilled and certified staff is ready solve any computer or networking issue your business may have.

<span>SafeMode™</span> Cloud Services

RMK Consulting brings your organization to the cloud – whether it is applications, servers, or desktops. We can meet your business needs without the implementation headaches.